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Exceptional Academy for Differently-Abled Learners, Inc. DBA Baron Academy is a private, non-profit corporation that specializes in teaching children who need smaller class sizes and a more customized curriculum tailored to their needs. Our Learning Center was created for children who need to learn at their own pace and that would fall through the cracks in a typical school setting.

Our Baron Academy location in St. Lucie West is an ABA Centered School (Applied Behavior Analysis) that practices the policies and protocols of ABA therapy.

We offer a full-time academic educational program for grades K-8 (ages 5-14).

Exceptional Academy for Differently-Abled Learners, Inc. DBA Baron Academy is different than other private schools because we focus entirely on the child’s abilities, instead of their disabilities.

With input from the student’s family, guided by our team of experts, we tailor a curriculum in conjunction with their current ABA behavior plan and help them grow their confidence levels. With confidence, grows skills.

We work with the children, and their families, to help build their current skills and attain new ones.

No child is more successful than one that feels supported and good about themselves.

Our goal is to build our students up in order to help them achieve optimal success in learning and in life.

Our Mission

The mission of Exceptional Academy for Differently-Abled Learners, Inc. is to provide a customized education for children who need to learn at their own pace with smaller class sizes in an accepting and nurturing environment.

We believe all children, regardless of their diagnosis, have the potential to learn and grow their skills. Guided by a passionate team of experienced teachers and staff who "think outside the box", our students will be better prepared for life's challenges.

Our Administration Team

Kristine Erice

Executive Director/CEO/Founder

Parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum, homeschooler, Autism advocate, and believer that there should be more and better choices in our area for how we are able to educate our differently-abled kids. Bachelor of arts degree in Public Relations and Marketing.

2020 Treasure Coast Business Summit EXTRAordinary Influencer Award, 2022 Florida Public Relations Association Communicator of the Year Award for Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.


Matthew Saxton

Chief Financial Officer/Founder

Parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum, Autism advocate, Army Veteran, Certified CPR trainer and JROTC Senior Instructor in St. Lucie County Schools. Coach, mentor, and community leader. Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Masters degree in International Relations.


Ronda Atkinson

Lead Teacher/Dean of Academics

Worked in the field of ABA therapy for 5 years as an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician). Prior to that she taught elementary education in the private school sector here on the Treasure Coast. CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Certified. CPI Trained, Early Literacy for Children, Florida Child Care Professional Credential and BACB Registered Behavior Technician.



      Our inspiration behind Exceptional Academy is                                         our ASD son, Dylan.


Our Vision

Our vision for Exceptional Academy, Inc. is to build a school that allows support services to help maximize student success and to help empower the students to learn in the way that works best for them. We provide individualized learning plans specific to each child that are tailored to the students needs and growing abilities. Our school focuses on the essential educational curriculum, but is also geared towards daily living, social and life skills as well as teaching core values that will empower children to successfully move into the mainstream of society.


Come See Why We're Different!

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